Live Without Fear

If your fear is out of proportion, or even out of control, I can help you to look at what is causing it, teach you strategies to control it, develop an understanding of it, and start to live free of it. 

Change Successfully

People can be engaged with change for many reasons. Sometimes we are seeking a change and want support to actually get there. Whatever is bringing you to change I can help you through all the stages of getting to where you want to be.

Getting Through Grief

I think we underestimate grief. Any change creates grief. Not just loss of a person, but also, a lost relationship, death of a pet, losing your job, a good friend moving away, chronic illness, physical impairment. I’ll help you come up with your own answers about where to next.

Counselling for Men

I aim to give the men who come to see me, a place where they can feel safe enough to be real, so that we can work on sorting out their problems together.

Let me help you learn how to choose with no regret and find out how to do what you love.